June Birthstone Jewelry in Salt Lake City, UT

Get your loved one a unique gift that shows you’ve put some thought behind it. Bennion Jewelers in Salt Lake City, UT, makes custom alexandrite birthstone jewelry for all occasions. If your significant other has a birthday in June, a statement piece with their birthstone will make for a remarkable gift. Generic gift shop presents just don’t have the same meaning as beautiful custom-made jewelry. They’ll appreciate that you went out of your way to design an alexandrite ring or necklace with them in mind. Whether you’re attending a graduation ceremony, anniversary dinner or birthday celebration, you can be sure your gift will make an impact.

Custom Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry

Consult with our experienced jewelers in Salt Lake City to choose the type of jewelry you want and discuss how you would like to display the gemstone. Alexandrite has a graceful appearance that changes color depending on its light exposure. In the daylight, it looks like a teal, green color but in low light it appears as a purple or red hue. That’s what makes June birthstone necklaces so elegant and a perfect accessory for any event. From weddings to holiday presents, alexandrite jewelry will stand out and make a great impression on the recipient.

These are the types of custom alexandrite birthstone jewelry we create:

  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Cuff links
  • Rings
  • Necklaces

Experts in Alexandrite Rings and Necklaces

Our jewelers are members of the American Gem Society, so they are a trustworthy source for skilled craftsmanship and gemstone knowledge. We make consumer protection a top priority and ensure that all our business practices reflect those values. Our alexandrite jewelry is outstanding because of the emphasis we’ve placed on our staff’s training and expertise from day one. It’s important for us to offer the highest caliber gemstones, materials and designs that’ll let us achieve total customer satisfaction. We consistently uphold quality standards, so we can preserve our spot as leaders in the Salt Lake City jewelry industry.

The Bennion Jewelers Difference

Since we began in 1982, Bennion Jewelers has made beautiful statement pieces for customers throughout Salt Lake City, UT. We know the difference that a sharp eye for design and a skilled hand can have in the production of custom alexandrite birthstone jewelry and its other varieties. As fine jewelry makers, we carry out our designs with precision and pay special attention to detail with every piece. We have extensive experience handcrafting June birthstone necklaces, rings and bracelets with superior results. Speak with our experts to see how we can help make your present that much more special and personal.

Consult with Our Jewelers Today

If you’re searching for the perfect alexandrite ring for your loved one, the professionals at Bennion Jewelers are the ones you want to visit. Consult with our jewelers to put together a thoughtful and memorable gift that your significant other will remember for a lifetime. You may see our wide-ranging collection in store to get more ideas of the type of alexandrite jewelry you’d like to customize. Call our Salt Lake City, UT, location at (801) 364-3667 to learn more about our June birthstone design options.

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