Garnet Jewelry in Salt Lake

Garnets can be yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and brown, but it’s the deep, rich merlot-red garnet that we identify as January’s birthstone. A garnet is among the most beautiful of the mineral-based birthstones, and their luster and transparency make them the perfect centerpiece for jewelry. When looking for exquisite jewelry unlike anything else, turn to Bennion Jewelers in Salt Lake City. We carry an array of pieces, from casual wear to fine jewelry suitable for any occasion. Garnet birthstone jewelry is an excellent gift for those exceptional individuals in your life born in the month of January.

Custom Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you are searching for a garnet pendant for a necklace, earrings or a garnet ring, Bennion Jewelers, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, UT, is confident you will love our selection. Our inventory of precious stones and birthstones, like garnets, makes it easy to find something to match your discerning taste. Garnet jewelry is a lovely addition to anyone’s collection, regardless if it is your birthstone. They come in many shades of red and can be polished or cut into any shape. They lend themselves well for solitaire garnet settings or a collection of different stones in one piece, like a mother’s ring.

Garnets can be cut into many shapes, so it is perfect for every type of jewelry. This beautiful stone is also available in a variety of shades of red and depending on the cut of the stone can be placed in a custom piece of work.

At Bennion Jewelers, our associates and GIA certified specialists are available to help you find the perfect piece, no matter the recipient. Whether celebrating a birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation, or anniversary, birthstone jewelry is an excellent way to mark that special event.

Bennion Jewelers

No matter the holiday or event you are celebrating, consider a piece of fine garnet jewelry from Bennion Jewelers. Known across the Wasatch Front, we are Utah’s longest operating jewelry store. Our selection of garnet and other birthstone jewelry is best seen in person, so please stop into our shop conveniently located in the City Creek Center.

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