Custom Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry in Salt Lake City, UT

Browse through the Bennion Jewelers collection at our Salt Lake City, UT, location to draw inspiration for your very own custom sapphire birthstone jewelry. Allow our skilled jewelers to craft a beautiful statement piece for you or a loved one who has a birthday is in the month of September. Sapphire, a strikingly beautiful gemstone that often appears as a violet-blue color, represents trust, loyalty and honesty. This type of jewelry is popular because of how rare it is to find, especially the clearer shades of blue. Consult with our professional jewelry makers to help you design a unique September birthstone necklace that you won’t find anywhere else.

September Birthstone Necklaces and Rings

Sapphire jewelry is multifaceted because this gem is available in not just blue, but also orange, yellow and pink. Whether you want to personalize a bracelet, necklace or ring, our jewelers are proficient in the art of custom jewelry. We will make a one-of-a-kind sapphire ring with gemstones set in gold, silver or platinum that incorporate other precious stones in the design as well. You’ll end up with a remarkable piece of sapphire jewelry that you will feel happy to wear or gift to your friend or family member.

September birthstone necklaces aren’t just good gifts for birthdays, they’re a thoughtful present on anniversaries, celebratory milestones and other special occasions. That’s because this eye-catching gemstone creates an attractive composition on any style necklace or sapphire ring. We are experienced in producing carefully crafted jewelry, including custom sapphire birthstone jewelry for those with an appreciation for this beautiful September gemstone. Speak with our jewelers to learn more about ordering personalized jewelry using these rare stones.

Personalize Your Own Sapphire Jewelry

Since 1982, Bennion Jewelers has been a trusted source for fine jewelry across Salt Lake City, UT. Our talented jewelers are proud members of the American Gem Society and take satisfaction in tailoring distinct September birthstone necklaces and sapphire rings. We will work together to arrange a beautiful composition and make custom sapphire birthstone jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else. Contact our staff at (801) 364-3667 to learn more or visit us at our convenient downtown location.

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